Artist of the Day: The Perfect Addiction

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The Perfect Addiction

Hailing from: Chandler, Arizona
Genre: Indie, Alternative Rock

My review: After listening to their entire EP Endless Horizons (albeit in any order), I have officially felt summer in the dead set of winter. This album brings flashes of traveling music festivals like Vans Warped Tour and even the more static and UK based Download Festival to the imagination. Even though they are from Arizona, there is something about their sound that reminds me of their British counterparts You Me at Six. With a heavy but relevant  guitar and drum presence, the strength of their vocals, and the bass line that keeps everything together, The Perfect Addiction has all of the components of a successful and rising alt rock band. Their music video for “Life’s Good V.2” is a perfect compliment to the song itself. I personally have had it on repeat all morning. Their polished, studio sound leaves you wondering how they could possibly be unsigned.

Favorite tunes: “Life’s Good V.2”, “Damage”

Pair this with: You Me At Six, PBR, summer musical festivals

You can download their EP Endless Horizons on iTunes:

HEY! You want to hit them up? You can find them on these social networks:

Facebook: theperfectaddiction
Twitter: TPAband
Instagram: theperfectaddiction
Youtube: TPAMusicChannel


Skyfall: The Double Entendre

Tonight my family and I went to the movies to watch Skyfall (this was my second time seeing it).

It was really long, but I thought it was artistically meticulous and intellectually stimulating. Not to mention, the plot and the characters (especially the supporting roles) were extremely infatuating in their developments and personalities. There was so much magic about this movie.

BUT–this isn’t a movie blog. This is a blog focused purely on the music, and that’s how it will remain.

Fortunately, there was an epic musical feature that was the undertone for the whole movie and its score…

Skyfall by Adele.

What a captivating, perfectly executed piece of music written by Adele and producer Paul Epworth.

The song is a brilliant addition to the latest film in the Bond franchise.

Boxing Day with Blink-182

Happy Boxing Day! (Especially to you lovely Brits and Bahamians who actually celebrate this holiday, assuming that you still, do, actually celebrate it).

Whether you are returning that Snuggie or those Twilight DVDs, or hitting up a homeless shelter and giving some toys to those poor unfortunate souls, I hope you have a super extra day. (Seriously, I have no idea how you celebrate this holiday. Trust me, I looked it up, is this still a thing? I really would love to know.)

Anyways, I thought the best Boxing Day present EVER would be to share with you the perfect Boxing Day present of all!

Blink-182’s newest EP “Dogs Eating Dogs” with a single appropriately titled “Boxing Day”.

All holiday references aside, “Boxing Day” is actually a great song, and DEG is an even better EP.

GO CHECK IT OUT my friends!

Happy Boxing Day.

Artist of the Day: blackbear

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blackbear aka Mat Musto
Hailing from Hollywood, CA
Genre: R&B/Soul
“Hit songwriter & producer”

My review: His music is hot. All of the artists featured on his tracks add some new flavor, but blackbear initially creates and completes them and turn them into ridiculous jams. His collaborations with Mike Posner are extremely catchy and well executed. His single “Teenage Waste” is a hit as well.

Favorite tunes: “All My Lovin”, “Nothin But The Radio”, “What Is It feat Mike Posner and Bei Maejor”, “Anyone But Me feat. Mike Posner”, “Go Go Gadget Feeling ft. NYLO”

Pair this with: Shots, New Years parties, dynamite

You can download “Sex, the mixtape” for free:

Follow him on social media:
Twitter: iamblackbear
Instagram: iamblackbear
Tumblr: Listen to black bear

And buy something from his official store!

Message from the Maine!

They’ll be on hiatus for the holidays but here is their last update for the year!


“Greetings friends and lovers. We want to wish you all a Merry Christmas!
Thank you for making 2012 such an incredible year for us! We just finished
the first chunk of writing for ALBUM 4, and it feels great to take a break
and spend time with our friends/families over the holiday. We hope you all
are enjoying your time as well. As for the new year, we’ll be writing more
come January, and then tracking soon after. We’ll keep you posted
throughout.-The Maine.”

(Source: Via Facebook)

The Inevitable Introduction

Hello, everyone.

My name is Isabella Bovero.

I am a high school Senior who aspires to have a future in the music business.

I am planning on going to a university in the fall and majoring in music management or production, we’ll see how everything plays out!

This blog will feature news, reviews, tour dates/information and much more from music genres ranging from indie to country and rock and anywhere in between.

I enjoy ALL comments especially constructive criticism. I would love to have feedback on the artists or articles featured. ALSO, I welcome all requests for artists/musicians.

If you are a small time musician/artist and would like to have your music and news on my blog, message me at and we’ll definitely set something up (obviously for free)!

I hope you enjoy this blog! I will be posting a link to my personal blog soon where you can read about my personal journey.

Thank you for reading,

Isabella Bovero